Singer RYAN SONG destroyed his reputation. For good

His sexy new track Danger Zone talks about him cruising in an Amsterdam gay sauna. And about him deciding for you when to cum.

Words by Caspar Pisters, pictures by Benjamin de Mulder

“I like sex, I make music about sex,” says singer Ryan Song. His new track Danger Zone, released last Friday, is inspired by his adventures in Amsterdam gay Sauna Nieuwezijds: Finger tips glowing in the dark… Turn this room pitch black, don’t hold back…

Ryan (29) is originally from Chonqing, a cyberpunk-like metropolis with a population of 32 million in China. He has been living in the Netherlands for six years and can regularly be found in sauna NZ.

Explaining my mom what my music is about, hopefully helps her to understand me better.”

Ryan: “My mother – we call each other every day – thought I sounded so happy on this track. She doesn’t understand the lyrics so I explained to her that Danger Zone is about sex. She shouted that I have destroyed my reputation for good. ‘I thought you were innocent’, she said. Haha. Well, mum, I’m almost 30. Sexuality is a bit more complicated in China than in the Netherlands, pornography is banned there.”

How does she feel about you being gay?

“She thinks it’s a choice. While my family is actually very open-minded by Chinese standards. She thinks I should marry a woman because that’s the right thing to do. Her first time in the Netherlands coincided with Pride Amsterdam, where she found out that the boy I was with was not just a friend, but my partner. She thinks the Netherlands has made me gay. She pointed to an older couple. ‘Why are they gay? Aren’t they old already?’ She sees being gay as a phase that you grow out of. No, mom, this is who I am, this is my color.”

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What made you decide to let her in on the meaning of the song?

“When my relationship ended, I was very sad. I called her for comfort but she said I deserved it because I’m gay. That was very painful, it made me very angry. She is my mother and I love her, I hope that through these conversations she will understand me better.”

What’s it like for you to sing so openly about your sexuality?

“Oh, it’s fine. For me, music is the bridge between my own story and the story of others. Being LGBTIQ is part of that story, and so is my sexuality. Sex is very important, sex is about freedom.”

You have to be the maker of your own life, in work, in relationships, in sex.”

What sparked the idea to do a track about a gay sauna?

“The song is part of an EP that will be released in September entitled Abusive. It’s about toxic criticism. The message is: you have to be the maker of your own life, in work, in relationships, in sex. In Danger Zone I dominate the other: I wanna make your rain drop. I am your danger zone, I am the one to tell you when you should come. (giggles)

I see, I see… By ‘make your rain drop’ do you mean: cumming?

Laughs: “Exactly. First I made the beats for this track together with my producer. Then I took the idea to my co-writer, an Italian straight woman. I tried to explain to her what things are like in a gay sauna: imagine, you’re sitting there with your towel, you’re horny, and you can choose whoever you want. Haha, she had a hard time relating. But when I left her place, the idea for the chorus and melody came to me.”

You have 30K monthly listeners on Spotify: that’s one-and-a-half Ziggo Domes full of people!

“Yes, I am very happy. Danger Zone is included in the New Music Friday NL playlist on Spotify and on Apple Music.”

What is your favorite day in NZ?

“Ha ha good question. I’d have to go for Thursday. It’s when you find men of very different ages, it’s very diverse.”

Find Ryan Song (his real neam is Shuang Song) on Instagram, but mostly: strip down, get naked, and have a dance to his sexy music.

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